Environment - Doing Your Part

Chase is doing its part to improve the environment we all live in, but everyone has a part to play. You can help.

Understanding products with a greener life cycle

Take a few minutes to learn about our products through this website, or through associated websites:

Chase is a member of the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), a trade association which provides manufacturers with, for example, a careful risk assessment of ingredients and products, information on labeling for safe use, and all the activities which show how much we value your welfare. These activities address the health and safety of our customers, your families, and the environment in which you live. Visit cspa.org, and choose Product Care from the menu for more information.

We have also partnered with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency through its DfE (Design for the Environment) program. The EPA is an excellent source of environmental information, and that website offers many creative, interesting ideas for protecting the environment. Visit epa.gov and choose from several environmental topics.

Understand that your use of gentler ingredients in the various products you use reduces your impact on the environment, and changing your expectations is your contribution to this global effort. While we are always striving for optimal performance, "green" products eliminate aggressively effective formulas. Allowing a few minutes more for a spritz of cleaner to penetrate grime, for example, is an easy, no-cost way to do your part!

Proactive ways to save the environment

Use only what you NEED, whether it's water, fuel or furniture polish!

If a water-based product will fill your needs and reduce VOCs at the same time, choose that one.
(Check out Chase's Green World Safer Choice products!)

If you're mixing your own cleaner from a concentrated liquid, measure accurately for efficient cleaning with minimum chemicals.

When using products with recyclable containers or cartons, DO recycle them.

Did you know you can recycle aerosols?

Many of our aerosol cans feature the Steel Recycle logo to indicate they can be safely recycled. Here's how:

  1. Empty the aerosol of its contents through normal use
  2. Check instructions from the local collector to determine if empty aerosols are accepted
  3. Place empty aerosol container in bin along with other recyclables