Chase Products Co.

Chase Products Co. has long been a major manufacturer and a leader in the aerosol industry. Established in 1927, Chase initially manufactured and distributed insecticides and pesticides. In 1948, it was one of the first three companies granted a license by the United States Department of Agriculture to provide mosquito abatement solution in pressurized containers.

Chase became the first to manufacture spray paint. Ed Seymour, founder of Seymour of Sycamore (Sycamore, Ill.), had paint, a prototype spray gun, and a clever idea, and Carl Svendsen, founder of Chase Products Company (now in Broadview, Ill.), had a manufacturing plant equipped with aerosol filling equipment.

Chase went on to become the first to develop hair spray, and the second to formulate and package spray snow. Other achievements included being the first company to package natural starch in aerosol form, and to formulate and manufacture an antiperspirant deodorant in an aerosol can.

Svedsens and Seymours
Pictured at a dinner held in the early '50s, about five years into their joint venture, are (seated) Bonnie and Ed Seymour, Eleanor (Mrs. Carl) Svendsen and her son Bob, and (standing) Val (Mrs. Robert) Svendsen, and Carl Svendsen.
Santa® Snow

In 2011, Chase introduced Champion Sprayon® Green World N™ products, the first full line of EPA Safer Choice-certified continuous spray Jan-San products.

Chase provides its own national-brand equivalent formulas to wholesalers and retailers across the country and around the world. These quality products bear the Champion Sprayon® name, or carry another of Chase's nationally recognized labels such as Champion's Choice™, Green World N™, Chase's Home Value™, ProsALL®, Kill Zone®, Smooth Track®, ColorSpray®, Decorating Magic®, or Santa®. They include a wide range of aerosol household products, spray paints, insecticides, automotive and bench sprays, personal care, and craft products. Chase customers range from single shops and small companies to nationally recognized retailers.

Champion Sprayon® Premium Enamel

With a loyal and efficient workforce, Chase Products is following the tradition of ongoing improvement, and continues to offer the level of products and services that have satisfied customers for over 90 years.

Chase's goal today, as always, is to be the first and best in each category that we produce.