Date Codes

Date coding system for aerosol products manufactured by Chase Products Co.

Sample Manufacturing Date Code and its meaning: G239E4

1. The code starts with a letter (A through L) indicating the month the product was produced:

A - January G - July
B - February H - August
C - March I - September
D - April J - October
E - May K - November
F - June L - December

2. The next two numbers indicate the day of the month the product was produced.

3. The third number indicates the last digit of the year the product was produced. For year 2019, the year code is 9.

4. The letter that follows the year code is the batch letter code (A through Z). Each Production Line starts with A for the first batch run and continues to Z, repeating after 26 batches.

5. The number that follows the batch letter code indicates the Production Line where the product was run.

The above sample date code indicates that the product was produced on July 23, 2019, and that the product was the fifth batch run on Production Line #4.