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Custom Packaging

Looking for quantity, plain and simple? We can fill your needs from our menu of products and packaging. You control the minimums, lead times and cost based on the variables you choose. Maximums? You keep selling, and we'll keep shipping!

Let Chase create aerosol products to meet your specific market needs.

We can use your formula or an existing Chase formula, or our in-house R&D team can develop a product to meet your requirements.

Chase has experienced artists who will create new label art or adapt your printed or electronic art as needed. We will supply label text. Our Legal & Regulatory Affairs department will perform regulatory reviews.

We can offer a variety of packaging options, including aluminum tubes, DS Container two-piece steel cans, and standard three-piece steel cans with screen prints, paper labels, plastic labels or lithography, and standard and non-standard valves and caps. Chase has exclusive use of the one-inch E-twist cap.

It all comes together on our five production lines and in our efficient shipping department, and is wrapped up by our EDI systems.

When experience, integrity and quality are important to you, call Chase. We'll design the very best sales program for your business.

For purchasing minimums or any other questions, you can email us at To speak with a Customer Service Representative, or for a price quote, please phone 800-CHASEco (800-242-7326).