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Prevent Rust and Corrosion!

Corrosion and rust are natural processes we’ve learned to live with. It’s a fact that where there is moisture, there will be rust, but there are steps that can be taken to slow down and even prevent this natural process. As you begin to touch up your fences and outdoor furniture this year, Chase Products Co.’s Rust Curb® enamel is here to help. Formulated for metallic surfaces that need additional corrosion resistance, Rust Curb® gives you the edge against rust, but also provides superior protection to wood surfaces.

These spray paints are available in four different finishes (flat, satin, gloss, metallic), and can be used indoors or outdoors. Like any spray paint, only use these products in a well-ventilated area away from open sparks or flames.

One quick tip for using these paints: surface preparation is key. Make sure the surface is free of dirt, grease, wax, mold, mildew, wallpaper paste, and moisture. Also, while it is not necessary, using a primer will make the surface smoother and more durable.

Using ColorSpray® Rust Curb® spray paint according to its labeling will help extend the life of your furniture and prevent rust buildup on many surfaces. In fact, all paints & coatings extend the useful life of objects by acting as a protective barrier. Check out our full line of rust preventive paints on our website.